P.H.U. SZYMAƃSKI has been operating on the market since 1993. However, the owner of the company has been involved in the cultivation and harvesting of mushrooms since the early years of his childhood.
The son continued his father’s tradition of hard-working ethics and passion for mushroom cultivation and in 2008, established a new company to provide high-quality products that fully meet the expectations of customers. The proof of this is the GLOBAL G.A.P. certificate awarded to our company.
We produce white mushrooms of the highest quality. In addition, our company provides packaging, purchasing and transport services for fungi. In spring and summer, we grow and sell asparagus.

Development of the company:

  1. 2008 - construction of the complex comprising:
    - office premises
    - warehouse
    - cold rooms
    - 6 cultivation rooms with an area of 1680m2
  2. 2009 - construction of the next six cultivation rooms with an area of 1680m2
  3. 2011 - the next six cultivation rooms were built, with an area of 1680m2.
  4. In the second half of 2013, the construction of the next six cultivation rooms is scheduled to begin, providing an additional cultivation area of 1680m2.

Currently, the total cultivation area is 5050m2. All facilities are fully automated and air-conditioned. Our weekly harvest is estimated at about 25 tons, which gives us about 100 tons a month. 80% of our production is exported, mainly to Germany. We also operate on the domestic market, supplying goods to Polish supermarkets.
In cultivating the mushrooms, great emphasis is put on the quality and hygiene conditions at work. A computerized production cycle and automated line to load the subsoil minimizes the risk of production hazards. Our experienced and well-trained staff is able to provide services of the highest quality to the full satisfaction our customers.

We produce white and brown mushrooms of the highest quality.