Our diverse product range is tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients. In line with their expectations, we provide:

  • products of the highest quality
  • regular supply of always fresh mushrooms
  • timely fulfillment of orders

Meeting the specific needs of the recipient:

  • our products are labeled and packed according to customer needs
  • deliveries are made according to customer requirements

We offer:

  • fresh white mushrooms, 250g
  • fresh white mushrooms, 500g
  • fresh white mushrooms 800g
  • fresh white mushrooms 1000g
  • fresh white mushrooms, 3 kg in bulk
  • fresh white mushroom 1.5 kg (lubyanka)
  • fresh white mushroom 4.5 kg (lubyanka)
  • fresh brown mushrooms 250g
  • fresh brown mushrooms 500g
  • fresh brown mushroom 1.5 kg (lubyanka)
  • fresh brown mushrooms 3 kg

All mushrooms of 20mm-60mm in size
We take care to meet individual needs of our customers, delivering goods in the packaging that are not listed in our database.

Asparagus on offer:

We start the harvest of asparagus in the middle of April and end the harvest in the second half of June. Mushroom harvesting takes place every day, while the harvest of white asparagus even two times a day (because of the need to prevent the shoots from growing over the embankments and becoming discolored). After picking, asparagus is subject to pre-treatment and sorting.
Asparagus is packed according to individual customer needs.


We provide transport services throughout the entire area of the European Union.
We offer specialized transportation services for the goods that must be stored and transported at a proper temperature.
Our refrigerated vehicles are equipped with GPS control systems. In this way, the cold chain is maintained from the time of picking until the time of delivery of goods to the recipient.
In this way, we can make timely and high-quality deliveries of goods, regardless of where the recipient is located.